Cinco de Mayo- Quarantine Style

I’ve been working on something (more like eating ON something) for about a week now, and I’m bringing it to you just in time for Cinco De Mayo- Quarantine Style.

Maybe you don’t usually indulge in tacos and margaritas on the 5th of May, BUT if you do and you’re looking to make some festive food at home, I’ve got some meal recommendations/recipes for you.

As much as I don’t want to, let’s start with DINNER. You have to try Danielle Walker’s Against All Grain Carne Asada bowls. The carne asada turns out so flavorful and tender. If you’re in more of a taco mood, you can certainly make these into tacos. *Make sure you marinade your protein for at least 30 minutes.

If you don’t have the Against All Grain book, you can find the recipe here:

Feeding Friendships, Episode 5: Rebekah Lyons

If you can’t celebrate Cinco De Mayo without a MARGARITA but aren’t feeling a mix that comes out of a jug, try this simple-fruit sweetened recipe.

Skinny Margarita
A little Cinnamon & Sugar sure was NICE.

And lastly, the TRUE star of the show in my eyes is this incredibly simple BUT AMAZING twist on a Sopapilla.

If you google “Sopapilla Cheesecake Pie,” you’ll find probably hundreds of recipes that are identically…. so while I thought about sparing you. I’ve decided not to.

Note: Traditional Sopapillas are deep-fried, hollow puff pastries (similar to fry bread) served with honey. Feel free to drizzle some on this dessert, but honestly, you’ll probably be too impatient.

  • You’ll need:
  • 2 (8oz) packages of cream cheese (softened)
  • 2 rolls of Pillsbury crescent rolls
  • 1 Tsp of Vanilla (Mexican if you have it)
  • 1 Tbsp of ground cinnamon
  • 1 1/2 cups of sugar
  • 1/2 cup of butter (melted).

Oven temp: 350 Cook time: 30-35 m OR until golden brown and set in the center

  1. Press 1 can of crescent rolls into a greased 13 x 9-inch pan
  2. *Make sure to press any tears or perforations together to get an even bottom layer
  3. Beat cream cheese and 1 cup of sugar together until smooth
  4. Add vanilla extract
  5. Spread cream cheese mixture across crescent roll layer
  6. Top with the second can of crescent rolls (again, pinching or pressing closed any tears or perforations).
  7. Stir together melted butter, remaining sugar, and cinnamon. Spoon on the top layer of crescent rolls.
  8. Bake, Eat, Refrigerate, Reheat (microwave for 5-10 sec at 50% per) but literally… they’re just as fantastic cold.
  9. *Note: these took closer to 40 minutes in my oven, so just keep an eye on the time, the color of the crust, and the jigglyness of the center.
P.S- Serving size is 12 NOT 2.
  • Macros are:
    • 449 calories
    • 25g fat
    • 41g carbs
    • 4g protein

I hope you get to sit down, enjoy a fantastic, flavorful meal, a light and crisp margarita, and a slice of Sopapilla Cheesecake Pie!